Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why do guys blush around girls?

Because I realize that any moment, I will do something stupid. It's a pre-emptive blush.Why do guys blush around girls?
Because they're beautiful, they're what they want in a girl, someone they love to be around.Why do guys blush around girls?
because they like u
we are intimidated, a bueatiful woman can turn aman to butter, and we may play it cool, or at least try, but we're all shaking in our boots..because of intimidation.
Because we're too cool for them. Haha just kidding I really don't know. Good question. Maybe its cuz they like you!!!Wow... yeah...
Because! Girls are just so strange to us! We never know what you're thinking. Let me tell you, my first instinct when I meet a girl is that she thinks I'm a loser or ugly or something like that. It seems like girls are only attracted to only the hot and really really athletic guys and it leaves us average guys left out and this makes us really nervous when we're around.
I do all the time

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